About us

We utilize ICT in the most affordable manner to enhance secure communication in organizations in order to:
- make all the operations effective 
- optimize production 
- cut cost 
- increase sales  and customer satisfaction through:
         . secure e-commerce
         . online marketing and
         . CRM- customer relations management software
- make the organization disaster management and recovery ready 

Infotrack Strategic Solutions Ltd is one of the Govt Information Portal Grant Winner under The Kenya ICT Board on Digital Content and Software Applications Grant to generate content under the Government Information Portal (firms category), to develop proposed project ‘Teachers Portal, for The Teachers Service Commission. 

The Teachers portal www.teachersonline.go.ke is up and running.
     --New teachers can register on the portal,
     --teachers can view and apply for job advertisements and promotions via the portal,
     --teachers can update their profiles via the portal
     --teachers can apply for transfer and follow up on the progress of the request
     --field officers can file monthly casualty returns via the portal.